Miracles Of Recovery


Death from drug overdose claims over 70,000 lives a year in America

Most of these deaths are people under 30, who had had multiple stays in treatment. We have the tools yet we are failing.

The conversation with a parent concerning the overdose death of their child is one of the hardest things I have ever done or will ever do, and would hope to never do again, but if nothing changes, there will be far too many more.

Nothing changes, if nothing changes.  

If you have lost someone to addiction and are tired of feeling powerless or are in recovery yourself and see the need for change, please donate and add your voice to help me remove the stigma of addiction, build bridges to the future and turn the current increasing tide of tragedy, suffering and death to one of joy, freedom and life. Your help and support will save lives.

With the steady increase in young people seeking help who are being poorly served by the current recovery communities, treatment modalities which abruptly stop due to Health Care Providers often arbitrary coverage guidelines, the current appalling lack of any real aftercare which has led to today’s unacceptably high relapse/overdose rates, and the increasing incidences of permanent mental illness from Synthetic Marijuana, Spice, Bath Salts and Crystal Meth, it is past time to act, to modernize the current recovery paradigm, to help all who suffer as well as those who love and care about them, to make sustainable long term healthy recovery real, affordable and available for the millions longing to be free of addiction.

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