Behind Every Cloud, The Sun Still Shines

When things are going well there is a natural tendency to slack off a touch, even in our spiritual work. The sun is shining, the clouds decorating a peaceful sky, perfect for watching lying on a soft bed of grass, peace immanent. Life is good. Though we do and should enjoy these times we must remain wary of complacency. Like the athlete who trains daily for occasional competitions, we pray and meditate daily to keep our connection to the Miraculous fresh and open for the inevitable storms that come to every life. Living on the Spiritual Basis we now understand the rain falls on the just and the unjust equally, not as punishment or Karma, but as opportunities to grow beyond limitation. Living on the new basis, the Spiritual Basis, today when a storm comes, we gently step back into the shelter of Spiritual Truth,out of the wind and rain, continuing to pray and meditate until the storm passes and peace returns. Having embraced eternity we now understand the truth of being, that behind every cloud, the sun still shines, and every storm brings the ingredients for growth and an opportunity to demonstrate faith and trust in a Power Greater Than Ourselves.

Miracles Of Recovery


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