Conflicts and Intuition

Conflicts and Intuition

How we respond to conflicts in our lives is an indication of our Spiritual condition. The usual ways most respond is to either square up and meet force with force (usually verbally) or to withdraw as rapidly as possible, the often remarked on fight or flight reaction. Living on the Spiritual Basis provides another path, a third way. As soon as we become aware of a troubling situation, directly or indirectly touching us, we immediately turn to silent prayer, seeing the situation and all involved in Divine Presence, bathing them and the situation in Divine Love, trusting in prayer and spiritual enlightenment for resolution. You will be amazed how often seemingly explosive situations will deflate rapidly by a simple heartfelt application of Divine Love. If, however, any direct action is required it will be made abundantly clear in an intuitive thought and though these times are exceedingly rare, we must not shrink if called to act.

Approaching conflict this way we tap into unlimited power and potential, rejecting human limitation and fear-based thinking and reacting, raising the consciousness and Spiritual condition of all involved for “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.” 

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