Prison By Choice

Prison By Choice

Wishing to get even, to take revenge, to balance the scales, to repay in kind are natural human sentiments, a wild justice; all manifestations of living on the secular basis. Conversely, Living on the Spiritual Basis teaches us that “hatred ceases not with hatred.” Though the crimes and acts committed may be horrendous, even beyond the pale, we must take a higher road mentally to be free. To be clear: those who have transgressed society’s laws and been found culpable should suffer the punishments stipulated, the principle though of condemning the act, not the actor paramount if we are to be free of the bondage of self and limitation thinking.

Our course then is to turn to a Power Greater Than Ourselves, and though the guilty may have committed acts seemingly unforgivable, we must give them over root and branch, otherwise we suffer along with the guilty for it takes two to make a spiritual prisoner, the guilty and the jailer and is not the jailer as surely in prison as the guilty? The jailer having it worse since the guilty are trapped until they become willing, while the jailer chooses to return of their own free will day after day, perpetuating resentment and condemnation in their heart, choosing morbid reflection over spiritual freedom. Prison or freedom, standing in the light or cowering in the dark, limitation or unlimited growth, the choice is always ours. “Let there be peace, and let it begin with me.” 

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