Crap Sandwich

Crap Sandwich

Einstein once remarked, “The most important decision you will ever make is whether you live in a friendly or hostile universe.” Spiritually, if we live in a hostile universe, then no matter what we do, there really isn’t any hope for us. The hostile universe is dominated by a “score keeper” God, holding that we are full of sin, so all we can do is the best we can, knowing that when this flesh fails the piper will be paid. So, forgive the language but this lacks something without it: “Life is just one big crap sandwich, believing in God just means it comes with fries” pretty much sums up the hostile universe point of view.

But what of the friendly universe? When the Carpenter delivered the Sermon On The Mount, he summed up our relationship with God simply with the words “Our Father.”  The friendly universe then builds on a basic criterion: we are all connected, equal in His eyes regardless of circumstance or station, “the realm of Heaven roomy, all inclusive, never exclusive or forbidding; open to all who earnestly seek.” 

We have all made mistakes, however in the friendly universe we are forgiven as soon as we ask, if we mean business. The key being that we truly wish to change and grow spiritually, so past transgressions no longer bedevil us or are repeated. Forgiveness is meaningless however if it is only sought as a means simply to avoid or lessen the consequences of our actions. For forgiveness to be operative we must desire to change with all our heart, finally realizing that though willing, the flesh is weak, we must have help and that help comes from “A Power Greater Than Ourselves.”

Now, if we had to wait to be “pure” to become worthy of God’s love none of us would make the cut. To be clear: we are worthy right here right now; all that is required is a wholehearted commitment to seek a relationship with God. How is this done? Through prayer, service and meditation coupled with willingness and an open mind. When approached this way the path of our enlightenment naturally unfolds before us, but we must continue in the work. Visualize it this way: We are in a rowboat with God and God doesn’t row. His hand is on the tiller and we row with our back to the direction traveled, our eyes fixed on Him, lest we become fearful and try to steer the boat by pulling a little harder on one oar or the other, resisting God’s guidance. If we ultimately lose faith and grab the tiller, He will not fight us, but He will not row. Lacking our demonstration, our rowing, our little boat is left to the mercy of contrary currents and swirling eddies of self-centered fear, even though our hand is on the tiller. The good news is as soon as we retake our seat and pick up the oars, He will resume the tiller and though we may be fearful and trembling, we find freedom from the adversary fear by once again demonstrating trust in the infinite, rather than our finite selves. Oh, and He brings much better sandwiches.

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