Bench Warming

Bench Warming

Intellectual discussions concerning spirituality can be interesting, even invigorating, but have no real value without a corresponding demonstration. Consider: someone decides to become a snow skier. They proceed to read books and magazines on skiing, attend lectures and seminars, learn about different kinds of snow and meteorology, purchase the latest skiing attire and buy the best skis. Are they a skier? To the casual observer they seem to meet the criterion, for they “know” all about skiing and have all the latest and best equipment. Problem is they have never actually skied. Now, a seasoned skier would not be fooled for a moment, they would listen and know in short order their “knowledge” was all theoretical, none of it based in actual experience. Clearly, being a lodge or “bench” skier has its advantages: you never get hurt (as long as you don’t insult an actual skier) and you stay warm and dry with minimal wear and tear on your gear and wardrobe. The only problem being the point of skiing is to well, ski.

Now most who decide to ski, do in fact hit the slopes. Spiritually however many choose to remain in the lodge, convinced self-knowledge sufficient, taking the “slopes” unnecessary. Both cases of bench warmers demonstrate the same truths: lacking demonstration self-knowledge avails us nothing that faith without works is dead and though they wish to enjoy a certain reputation they know in their heart they don’t deserve it. Knowledge has little or no value until it is put into action/demonstration, for when we lack the faith to put what we “know” to work, we allow fear to dominate us. For faith to be vital we must leave the “lodge” and hit the slopes, and just like the beginning skier, regardless of how much we think we know, we are going to fall, make mistakes, end up hurt and a little sore, all the while gaining invaluable experience, the theoretical becoming the practical, faith in action.
Oh, and never ski on old wax, but you already knew that.

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