Illness Guaranteed

Illness Guaranteed

Extreme emotion is your friend. Get overly emotional about everything. Be outraged not only at perceived slights directed at you but at anyone else as well, even strangers.
Drink lots of caffeine and energy drinks. So what if it makes it hard to sleep. Sleep and rest are overrated anyway. Besides you’ll get plenty of sleep when your dead.

Eat anything that is quick and easy. Food is food and time is precious. What is more important, eating or working, texting, blogging, chatting, reality TV, online poker, partying etc.? The body may be a temple, but it is your temple so decorate it anyway you want.

Vitamins and supplements are expensive, and some say they really don’t work anyway, so they must be a waste of money.

Stay busy. Even when “relaxing” do something you deem constructive, like texting, chatting, Facebook, etc. God forbid you take any real down time.

Avoid prayer and meditation, religiously.

Never walk if you can ride.

You will always have time to exercise later, when you have more time.

When you do get sick, make sure you research the condition at length. Speak of your malady with everyone (make sure you rehearse your speech, don’t want to leave anything out) and then listen intently when they in turn share their experiences, especially the negative ones to see how they may apply to you.

And never, ever, turn to The Miraculous in anything.

Miracles Of Recovery

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