How To Succeed At Failure

How To Succeed At Failure

Embrace sanctimony. Pride yourself on being the perpetual devil’s advocate; always pointing out why something will never work, reveling in the potential pitfalls. Be sure to inject yourself into every conversation, whether invited or not, because you are providing an invaluable service. Develop your genius for predicting the worst at every turn. Have no real focus in life. Spend your time gossiping whether in person or by endless blogging and texting about meaningless things, never missing an opportunity to point out the negative. Check your social media faithfully, wherever you are, driving, at work, etc. because your attention and comments are needed. Watch reality TV religiously and become emotionally involved with the fabricated narrative. Trust in blind luck, every failure affirming the belief that life really is a crap shoot, and you are just unlucky. Always think of yourself first and never be of service to anyone unless there is something in it for you, and never step out in faith, trust only in yourself because all those people who live by Spiritual Principles are deluded fools and losers and you have the perfect recipe for failure.

Miracles Of Recovery

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