Forgiveness In Practice

Forgiveness In Practice

So, how do we forgive? By praying, remembering the manner of prayer not nearly as important as its location of origin. Did the prayer come from our intellect primarily, because we see the payoff the Law of Forgiveness provides and wish to reap the benefits or from our heart because we truly desire freedom for ourselves and the offender?

Consider carefully, if we hold in our hearts even the slightest doubt the object of our resentment deserves forgiveness than our demonstration will be stunted. Take heart though since prayer will address this as well. The way of patience, tolerance, kindliness and love requires us to raise our consciousness, hoping others will choose this path of freedom, but our focus must be our demonstration, not the other man’s. Begin the process by finding a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, then take a few moments to quiet yourself. One method is to take three or four deep breaths with eyes closed, exhaling slowly. Having quieted yourself ask God to remove from you any “hidden” anger still residing in your heart toward the offender, then read or recite out loud any prayer which has significance to you. When finished quietly say out loud you now forgive the individual completely and pray every good thing you desire in life to come too theirs as well, and if there is anything God would have you do to be of service, you are willing. Finish with “May I do Thy will always. Amen.”

Do not under any pretense repeat this treatment. When we do, we repudiate the demonstration and short circuit our growth. To be clear: resentments are tenacious and will float into our consciousness again. When this happens immediately say a blessing for the “offender” and turn your thoughts to God. In time you will need to do this less and less. Finally, do not be afraid to offer yourself to be of service, for God will never place us in a position to be harmed if we are about His business, so if you are called to service something truly remarkable will come of it. By obeying the Law of Forgiveness, not only are we set free, but all whose lives we touch improve as well.

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