Resentments’ Itch

Resentments’ Itch

When we harbor a resentment we suffer, not the object of our ire and the truth is nurturing a resentment binds us to the object of our ire by a mental chain stronger than any steel! Holding on to a resentment is akin to having a physical wound which we never allow to heal. We “pick” at the resentment by reliving, retelling the story of hurt in graphic detail to any who will listen, even if we are only talking to ourselves! This manner of thinking is guaranteed to shut us off from the peace and serenity we crave; we must learn to turn away from our hurts and allow them to heal.

We achieve this by deciding finally and forever to forgive the cause of the resentment. By asking God to do for them everything good we wish to have happen in our life, visualizing them receiving God’s grace, His peace upon them, sets us free. We repeat this action without fail every time we get the “itch” to scratch it mentally. In time a scar will form to mark its passing, but resentments are tenacious, and our subconscious will whisper, “perhaps we should scratch at it again, just in case.” Do not react negatively when these thoughts surface, and they will, but do turn in prayer immediately and thank God for knowing Him better, that you and the author of the resentment are free. Do not for a moment rehash the memory of the hurt; focus only on seeing the Presence of God where the hurt was. Eventually this will become second nature and as with all things spiritual (and all life as well) while condemnation stunts growth, forgiveness promotes it. 

Finally, forgiving someone who has harmed us does not mean we necessarily invite them back into our lives. Many lost in the bondage of self will be incapable of change, so release them with love and pray they find their way, always remembering that though we hope for the best, we are only responsible for our spiritual demonstration and we never place ourselves knowingly in position to be harmed.

Miracles of Recovery

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