Little Blue Pills, Pit Stops, Hot Dogs and God

Little Blue Pills, Pit Stops, Hot Dogs and God

The secular world clamors with solutions for all our problems and concerns. Call this number and all your financial difficulties will vanish or take this or that pill for whatever ill, never mind all those pesky side effects. There is even a pill to cut down on bathroom trips and it seems that all middle-aged men need to take a little something in order to be intimate, if the number and frequency of ads is any indication. Do not misunderstand, all these things, probably, have their place, it is the order of approach that is at question. When we began living on the Spiritual Basis, we altered our approach to life. We accomplished this by stepping out in faith; realizing the Presence of God was our first step, in so doing then whatever action we take is embedded with Divine Love.

To Live on the Spiritual Basis means we have turned our will and our lives over to the care of God, it doesn’t mean that we withdraw from life or eschew the secular, since the Miraculous provides answers and solutions in all manner of ways, ordinary and extra ordinary alike. Remember, the power we have tapped into is not limited by human perspectives or understanding; it routinely performs the seemingly impossible, even miraculous if we, though perhaps trembling, remain open and willing. To borrow from an old Hebrew National hotdog commercial: today “We answer to a higher authority” and that authority wants all His children to be at peace; happy, joyous and free. Oh, and your trips to the bathroom will vary.

Miracles Of Recovery

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