Roots of Respiration and Inspiration

Roots of Respiration and Inspiration

In Latin inspiratio means “to breathe in.” From this root many words have bloomed, two of which are respiration and inspiration. Physical respiration is the intake and exhaling of air, spiritual respiration is the intake of guidance and knowledge from the Divine, the exhaling new understanding and purpose, inspiration personified. Our only real job in this life is to realize our hearts desire, to express that which each of us has been Divinely gifted to do for in so doing we are manifesting God’s will at the most basic and profound level. In realizing our heart’s desire we demonstrate over fear and human limitation. By seeking continued guidance through prayer, meditation and selfless service we keep our feet on the one true path, our unique path, living inspired, truly free of the fear driven life and the bondage of self.   
Miracles of Recovery

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