Today’s Gift and The Presence

Today’s Gift and The Presence

When we find ourselves drifting out of the present moment, dwelling either in the past or projecting into the future, we open the door to morbid reflection. When thinking about the past what usually surfaces? Is it the overwhelming number of times when things went well, when we did the right thing or the times when we were less than our best, made a mistake or were treated poorly? When considering the future do we ponder along the lines of how great life will be, or do we drift into negative projections? Living on the Spiritual Basis alters our focus so instead of seeing only the carnal and secular, the finite, our vision is lengthened and broadened as we have begun to comprehend the infinite.

But Fear is a powerful adversary, forever trying to steer us from the light, with morbid reflection one of its’ favorite tools. When we reflect morbidly on the past depression becomes our traveling companion while reflecting morbidly into the future, we invite anxiety along for the ride. When used constructively our past is an asset, becoming a resource for instruction for those seeking a way out of the Fear driven life, demonstrating what life was like before and after choosing to Live on the Spiritual Basis. Our future is a promise, chapters unwritten, our lives the paper, faith the ink, the pen in our hand guided by a Power Greater Than Ourselves, if we but ask. God does not dictate the script, for of all creation we alone have free will in Spirit, so remember, He is a gentleman and will only be our partner if we ask. So:

The only time we can stand in the presence of God, the only time we can be present for God, the only time God can act in our lives is in the present moment. Living on the Spiritual Basis we now have a history of God’s love and direction in our lives, the past an asset, the future a promise, today the gift.

Miracles Of Recovery 

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