“We answer to a higher authority”

“We answer to a higher authority”

We have been on the path of spiritual living for a time and now find ourselves faced with a serious problem or difficulty seemingly out of left field. What should we do, we have been following directions faithfully, should we redouble our efforts, work harder?  Isn’t that usually one of the first thoughts to cross our mind? Even possibly thinking that we will need to work hard on this, that it is going to require extra time and effort, spiritual toil to get to the other side? Actually, nothing could be further from the truth.

As an old hot dog commercial intoned, “We answer to a higher authority” (everyone does actually, some just don’t realize it, yet). Remembering change is the natural course of living, we have quietly and resolutely turned to the Miraculous and placed the trouble in His hands as well as having taken whatever action the secular world requires; we’ve prayed and meditated as we have learned to do, so the footwork is done. Now the hard part, we stop and leave the results to God. When we feel the “do something” urge (which is the adversary Fear at work) begin to creep back into our consciousness we turn to God in prayer and ask if there is anything further that needs to be done, that He would have us do, for we are willing. If there is, he will provide an intuitive (God) thought, the action made clear.

Our problems and difficulties require trust and faith for resolution, not spiritual hard work. Living on the Spiritual Basis we trust infinite Creation rather than our finite self. “God can and will solve this problem”, remember there are no small or large difficulties, spiritually size is non-existent; when in pain and discomfort, the ultimate solution is always found through our reliance on a Power Greater Than Ourselves. So, save the hard work for the garden, relax and enjoy a hot dog, perhaps with some chili on it.

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