What’s In Your Mind?

What’s In Your Mind?

We are constantly building up or tearing down our mental structure by the things we ingest: books, magazines, newspapers, social media and conversations of all stripes. Then there is the unconscious ingestion of messaging via television broadcasts of sports, news, talk shows, sitcoms, dramas, movies, history and learning, “reality” shows (I always wonder whose “reality” those programs are based on) and of course, infomercials and commercials.

All input affects, colors, our thinking and world view. We choose the type of structure, materials and practices that compose and build our consciousness, usually without much thought or discernment on our part. Consider: would we knowingly use defective building materials or stand for shoddy workmanship in our home? Haphazard repairs done to our vehicle or place our life knowingly in the hands of a questionable physician? Our consciousness or soul if you prefer, is more precious than any home or vehicle repair or even bodily health, for the structure we dwell in, the car we drive, even our body is a temporary construct, while our consciousness is eternal.

So, beginning today, take a moment and consider your mental diet, but do not rush off willy-nilly making changes or taking vows, we have all done this in the past when “deciding” to lose weight, eat better or begin an exercise regimen and though our motives were sound, we placed unrealistic expectations on ourselves virtually guaranteeing failure. As our awareness grows, we quietly and gently in prayer and meditation ask to be shown what changes and action should be taken, asking the Miraculous for guidance and the needed power to carry them out.

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