Fearless, Just For Today

“One more dance along the razor’s edge finished. Almost dead yesterday, maybe dead tomorrow, but alive, gloriously alive, today.” Robert Jordan

Fear is the mind killer. Fear will attempt to layer us with guilt and shame dredged from the past, while burying us with anxiety about the future. Learning to live, a day at a time, is one of the keys to freedom. To do this we must take the specters from our past and embrace them for the experiences in living they are. All the mistakes, the missteps,the times when we acted in our own self-interest at the expense of others, and yes, all the times when we have been hurt or treated poorly must be dragged from the shadows and brought into the light and allowed to heal. For these scars, well-earned and proudly displayed, are badges of our survival, and we must stand ready to share their story with anyone if it will assist them on their journey.

Our future fears: mere phantoms, insubstantial, attempting to bluff us into retreating from life, to cower, move from the light back into the shadows of morbid reflection, cut off from the truth of being: that we are Spiritual Beings, extensions of the Great Creative Life Force, in fact, children of Creation.

So, smile and dance today in the manner that suits you, and when the adversary Fear whispers a storm is coming and you should be afraid, laugh and plant flowers for the coming rain to nurture for storms are not only part of living, but are necessary as part of our ever-unfolding awakening.

Miracles Of Recovery 

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