Unlocking Our Secret Room

Unlocking Our Secret Room

When I truly began applying spiritual principles in my life, not just paying them lip service, I had to address my “secret room.” Employing rationalization and justification I had sold myself a bill of goods to neatly lock away the things I was not proud of:poor choices, general bad behavior, secret fears, resentments, etc. out of sight. When the time came to ruthlessly face my past the reasoning that locked these things away melted like a late spring snow. The process required placing them on paper and then saying them aloud to a trusted spiritual adviser. When this was completed it felt as if an actual weight had been lifted from my shoulders, it was a stunning moment. This happened long ago and in the intervening years I have watched the same transformation happen in thousands of lives, the only requirement for successful consummation of the process being that they were thorough and honest in clearing out their secret room, for The truth will set you free.
A few weeks after revealing the inventory of my secret room, I asked the Miraculous to enter every nook and cranny of my life, to short circuit the false notion that there exists any aspect of my life that God is unaware of. Looking back, it seems foolish to believe I could “hide” things from God, which is defined by omnipotence and omnipresence, but I did. A wise teacher said tome many years ago “live your life as if it was being filmed, a permanent record available to any who would care to look.” In truth, no camera eye follows us around (thankfully), but the “eye” of God does (thankfully). Clear out your secret room if you have not already, for God already knows what is in it. Tear the door of your secret place off its hinges, and live in the light, free of the fear that hides within the shadows.
Miracles Of Recovery

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