Trudging the Road of Happy Destiny

Trudging the Road of Happy Destiny

We triumph over life’s inevitable challenges not by the exercise of willpower or brute force but by tapping into the power of the Infinite. Many paths lead to our ultimate awakening, and most begin with spiritual discomfort wrapped in fear. Sickness (our own or a loved ones), addiction, financial stress, a failed relationship and death (a loved one or contemplating our own) are all beginnings, for truly “the only instrument sharp enough to cut away the excess of self is pain.” The greatest gift we can give ourselves is a foundation in faith before these assaults on our serenity begin. The pain and discomfort of dealing with the ultimate questions of living will not be avoided, but we will have a clear-cut set of directions to follow out of the wilderness to peace of mind and heart.

To follow this path we must set aside our preconceived ideas and don a new pair of glasses and “Become quick to see where spiritual people are right and make use of what they offer.” Laying aside our prejudices we listen and learn with our heart, for in the end, isn’t finding a way out more important than who provides it? If you were drowning and a rope appeared before seizing it would you first question who held it? So, we put aside any lingering prejudice against any spiritual path and make use of what they have to offer, taking what we need at this time and leaving the rest (remember, this selfishness is God inspired and is part of our growth) and join them in “trudging the road of happy destiny.”  
Miracles Of Recovery

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