Imperfect Perfection

Imperfect Perfection

Many religions hang their collective spiritual hats on an imperfect dogma of perfection: that we are imperfect at birth and though we should strive for perfection we will always fall short, requiring leadership and earthly direction from others for our ultimate salvation. To be clear: Religion and religious teaching and guidance have been indispensable in mankind’s climb up the ladder of Spiritual consciousness, but just as the student who must eventually graduate and take their place in the world, building on what they have learned by turning knowledge into demonstration, so must each of us in our relationship with the Miraculous.

Just as families have difficulties from time to time, usually rooted in misunderstanding, intercession of a professional can be helpful to work through an issue, to provide fresh perspective. In the final analysis however, the real work takes place between the family members, the professional merely an aid. Just as in the secular, spiritually we make use of what religion and spiritual teachers provide and are quick to see where they are right, but we must never lose sight of the true nature of our relationship with the Divine and the ultimate responsibility in raising our consciousness lies with each of us.

By a wholehearted reliance on A Power Greater Than Ourselves, though none of us will ever be perfect in faith for fear is a powerful foe and the one true adversary, our continued willingness to pray demonstrates a perfection in seeking and in this, our perfection is realized.

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