Silent Serenity Assassins

Silent Serenity Assassins

Some years ago, I became very ill, but since I was still “functioning” I delayed going to my physician until I was in a very bad way. The onset had been so gradual my body and life had adapted to it, my life having shrunken to the point of work and commitments, nothing more. By Fridays I was so tired I would come home and only move for necessities, resting and marshaling energy for the coming week. As my health returned it amazed me how I had allowed my circumstances to become so altered, how I had just accepted negative conditions, rationalized them without a fight because it happened gradually, under the radar of my consciousness.

During the course of our lives our circumstances and living conditions go through many alterations. Although we never fully understand going in the full extent of how becoming parents, relationships beginning or ending, relocating, changing careers, growing older will affect us, they all come with some foreshadowing, approaching head on unlike what transpired when I became so very ill which crept in silently like a snake.

Spiritually the same things happen in our lives. When faced with a definite problem or difficulty we react and take some form of action, preferably spiritual, but even running around shouting the sky is falling is action, a demonstration, albeit a poor one. Then there are the snakes. When we first begin walking the new path of Living on the Spiritual Basis, we start to truly become aware of everything around us. The scales fall from our eyes and we are seeing life and our existence with fresh vision, illumination all about us. Having had our first taste of freedom from the bondage of self we naturally believe that our days of slavery are behind us, never to return. If only it were that simple. The price of spiritual freedom is unrelenting vigilance.

Unfortunately many become complacent, in time becoming moribund, rigid in their thinking, no longer open to the fresh winds and lessons which constantly flow from the Miraculous. Though once dynamic, free and open they have unconsciously constructed walls built of the brick of righteousness set in the mortar of pride, living in the shadows where snakes reside, becoming slaves to self once again, though they often continue uttering spiritual teachings and platitudes, these principles have lost any real significance in their lives, simply nice thoughts lacking any real authority. Avoid then the deadly trap of complacency and spiritual pride by staying fresh through heartfelt prayer, service, and meditation, unwilling to accept limitation in all its guises regardless of personal circumstances, for Divine Love truly wants all of us to be happy, joyous, and free, our lives the demonstration of our true Spiritual heritage, our connection with Source affirmed.

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