Hidden Mourning

Hidden Mourning

Mourning those who have passed beyond our sight is one thing, but what of the hidden things we mourn? Lamenting lost or missed opportunities, those “if I only would have” moments when we fantasize what our lives would have been like if we had acted or chosen differently. “If I were only (fill in the blank) years younger”, “If I didn’t have kids” (this doesn’t mean we don’t love our children or in any way wish they were gone, only fantasizing what life would/could have been like without that responsibility) there are many more. Those “What if” moments, we all have them, and they pave the way into reflecting morbidly which is spiritual poison. 

When they surface, and they will, our course is to let them pass with little notice, like a small wave lapping our feet at the water’s edge. We do not under any circumstance dwell on them or engage others in conversation regarding them for if we do, what may have begun as a seemingly benign chat or musing will quickly devolve into morbid reflection, pulling us out of the moment and into a destructive depressive contemplation of the past. To be clear: we can all profit from our experiences and “We do not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it” but we must avoid will all due diligence engaging in “what if” fantasy contemplations of the past for there is nothing beneficial to be found there.

So, when we find we have drifted into “what if” thinking, we pause, and thank the Miraculous for all we have learned, products of our long schooling, our scars well-earned and convicted in the knowledge that our life is exactly as it should be in this moment, by the choices and decisions we have made which prepare us for the life lessons to come, standing ready to assist all who wish to profit from our experience.

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