God’s Amendment

God’s Amendment

Man has attempted throughout history to amend personal behavior through sweeping secular laws, with mixed results at best Fortunately, spiritually, The Lord’s Prayer is the personal amendment leading to true freedom in spirit. By establishing our true relationship with “Our Father,” the Creative Life Force at the heart of everything, this teaching at a single blow swept away 99 percent of all the old fear based theology, with its avenging God, its chosen and favored individuals, its eternal hell fire as well as all the other horrible paraphernalia of man’s diseased and terrified imagination. Many, unfortunately, within the religious community seem to have missed the memo. The Lord’s Prayer states clearly and forever that God is All-Powerful, All-Present, Eternal, the loving Father of mankind who heals, loves and guides all His children, regardless of station, skin color or past transgressions. Forgiven in Spirit, Grace immanent. 
Miracles Of Recovery

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