Altered Perceptions

Altered Perceptions

How we perceive the world colors everything we see and believe. Our perceptions are built, layer upon layer by our life experiences and how we interpret those experiences.


A homeless person asks for assistance, do you:
1) Act as if they were invisible.
2) Ask them what they need the money for, for you will consider it if they can convince you it is for food and not something you deem objectionable.
3) Simply smile and hand them a few dollars, saying a silent blessing for them since they are a child of God, just as we are.

When I wore a younger man’s clothes, not just the homeless, but much of life was invisible to me. Being infallible as only the young can be, why would I consider another person’s plight when the universe revolved around me. In time, becoming a husband and parent my vision and perceptions began to change, priorities altered. I began to see those struggling, but felt duty bound to lecture and inform these poor unfortunates, because they clearly needed the benefit of my superior world vision. Woe be to me.

“The only instrument sharp enough to cut away the excess of self, is pain.”

The slicing away of self can be a tedious process but is spiritually invaluable, in fact Spiritual liberation requires it. Through this process today I see more with my heart than just my eyes, today understanding we are all children of a loving God, equal in His eyes, regardless of station, circumstances or shortcomings. Today I know in my heart of hearts that how I treat the least of us will be meted to me in kind, for all reap as they sow and forgiveness the key that unlocks serenity. Today to the above quote I would add “The only instrument sharp enough to cut away the excess of self and alter our perceptions, is pain” but that pain, is a true gift.
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