What It Means To Be Reborn

What It Means To Be Reborn

The term “reborn” has been employed poorly if not downright incorrectly so often its true spiritual meaning has become obscured. Living on the Spiritual Basis we now see that all external happenings are but passing shadows of no permanent importance. We have come to hold in our heart of hearts that to dwell in the Presence of Divine light and knowledge is the only true escape from the enemy to our serenity, fear driven morbid reflection. When our consciousness rises above our enemy, we carry the message of His love and guidance into all our affairs, responding to all seeming trouble with “my heart shall not fear, thy will be done” and we are free. With this spiritual key in hand, understanding who our true spiritual enemy is, the power of faith becomes a working part of our lives, and we are truly reborn in Spirit

Miracles Of Recovery

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