Masquerading Wolves of Morbid Reflection

Masquerading Wolves of Morbid Reflection

Conditions in our life are the result of the crops (thoughts) we tend (focus on) in our consciousness. If we dwell on thoughts of pain, lack, unhappiness, negativity of any stripe, then we will grow more. Being a spiritual law happily the converse is true as well; if we plant peace, joy, love and belief in abundance then these will be our harvest.

 When we walk around with a long face complaining, thinking and speaking negatively we assure unhappiness. When we engage in morbid reflection our thoughts work to convince us that sickness, trouble and failure are unavoidable, lurking around the next bend. To be clear: We do not control the thoughts that float up into our consciousness; thought control is not about banning a thought which is impossible but taking right action when we become aware. Negative thinking is cunning, often a wolf masquerading as a lamb, so just as the shepherd tending their flock, as soon as we become aware of the wolf, i.e. spiritually corrosive negative reflection and thinking, we must take immediate action.

Our course then is clear, remembering that prayer is always the answer we place our trust in the Miraculous and stay out of the results business. God does not punish with one hand and love with the other; He is always working in the positive for His children, His promises, our spiritual inheritance, are at hand as long as we stand vigilant over the crops we tend in our consciousness, keeping the ever-present wolves of morbid reflection at bay.
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