Working With The Law

Working With The Law

What we dwell on defines the course of our thinking and our lives. When we dwell on thoughts of “my bad luck” or “I’ll never find a good job” or “I hate…”, put simply, when we focus on the negative, we invite in exactly what we are trying to avoid! This is the Law of Unintended Consequences demonstrated and being a law, the converse is true as well, so when we dwell on thoughts of abundance, peace, kindness, love, and serenity, we attract those qualities into our lives.

Dwelling on hate or its cousin resentment is 100 per cent effective in shutting us off from the sunlight of the Spirit, their only purpose to produce more hate and resentment. Remember the analogy of one bad apple? Apples used to be placed in a barrel filled with pure water to preserve them through the winter. If a single apple in the barrel began to rot, the rest of the apples became tainted, inedible. Hate, resentment, “poor me” thinking has the same effect on our consciousness, tainting every aspect of our lives. Though we need to watch consistently for all negativity and limitation thinking, hate and resentment are particularly destructive.

To be clear: jobs are lost and found, money comes and goes and there are bad intentioned people in the world, our health issues will increase as we age (and one of them will be the last one) what matters is how we address our thoughts when they surface in our consciousness, do we dwell on the low or seek the high? Do we seek God’s will or wallow in the negative? By choosing love, kindness, patience and tolerance as our course this law will open the door of undreamt-of possibilities, often from completely unexpected sources, a fountainhead of miracles revealed, living at raised levels of consciousness, peace of heart and mind realized. So again, the choice is always ours. Choose wisely and make the law work for you.

Miracles of Recovery

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